There is one curricular lab, on the first floor of the main building. It is equipped with bulk of books on all teaching subjects. Encyclopedias and Reference books are also available for the students to consult. Charts, Maps and other teaching aids of all the subjects are also available for the students so that they may use them as teaching aids. Books on all the teaching subjects like mathematics, physic, biology, history, economics, Hindi & English are available in the lab. Students can consult them whenever they wish. This lab is divided in to three sections, arcading to discipline, they are of science, commerce and arts

S.No. Resources for Curriculum Laboratory Write "A" for Available and "NA" for not Available
i. Resources for Science Language A
ii. Resources for Science Education A
iii. Resources for Social Science Education A
iv. Resources for Regional Language Education NA
v. Resources for Core Mathematics NA
vi Overhead Projector/ Notice Boards/Black Boards A
S.No. Name of the equipment
1 Bhatia Battery
2 Tachistoscope
3 Mirror Drawing
4 Finger Dexterity Board
5 Stadiness Tester
6 Human Maze
7 Colour Preference
8 Attention Board
9 Finger Maze
10 Muller Lyer
11 Galtiow Bar
12 Memory Drum
13 Stop Watch Racer
14 chart solar system and energy
15 rocks and minerals chart
16 wheather chart
17 leaders chart
18 maps
19 3 D chart (physical)
20 3 D chart (historical)
21 modals
22 charts
23 slides
24 samples
25 lab. Reagent
26 test tube (small and big)
27 burat stand
28 measuring calendar
29 prism
30 transparent acrylic figures
31 chart of mathematicians
32 geometry box
33 maths puzzles set
34 induction cooker
35 spoon
36 sauce pan
37 dinner set
38 small pan
39 glass
40 small bhagona
41 bowls
42 plates